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Helping shape the Policies in local PLANS
Why planning policies are important...

and why you may need a planning consultant...

Where a council has an up-to-date local plan (including any neighbourhood plans), the policies in that plan are the main factor in determining any planning applications, unless there are important material considerations that would lead to a different decision being made.  Local plans often allocate new sites for future development, as well as include criteria-based policies for judging applications (such as policies for considering when and which type of buildings can be converted to another use).  For these reasons it is important to ensure that when these plans are made or reviewed, the policies they contain support your future planning aspirations

Site selection

Local councils and even neighbourhood planning groups may put out a ‘call for sites’ at an early stage of their plan-making process.  This is often the first opportunity to register a site for future consideration - missing out on this stage could mean you miss the boat.


It is not always easy to know when your local planning authority is running a critical consultation - and there is often only limited time to make a response.  As part of our services we can alert you when we are notified about consultations that could affect your site.

Examination hearings

Before a local plan or neighbourhood plan is adopted, it must be independently examined by a suitable qualified examiner.  They will consider all the consultation responses and may hold a public hearing to properly understand the issues.  We can represent you at those hearings.
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